Monday, November 13, 2006

Welcome "Philly Visit" Guests

Welcome to our guests who over the next several days are visiting LTSP for the fall Philly visit. This is a chance for prospective students, and often family members, to experience living on campus, attending classes and getting to know the Mt. Airy neighborhood and Philadelphia. I had the chance as the spouse of a potential (and now current) student to experience parts of the Philly visit (I was on the seminary staff but we had not moved to the neighborhood so being able to stay overnight instead of commuting was a real attraction), and it was interesting to see campus life from a different perspective.

Welcome Philly visit guests, I hope you'll find LTSP to be a welcoming, challenging and exciting place, and the Mt. Airy neighborhood to be a unique mix of the city and a main-street USA type of community. Both the seminary and the area are great places to be. - John

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