Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chandler Carriker Chosen to Lead Theological Education with Youth

(Gettysburg, PA) The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia and the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg announce their choice of Chandler Carriker as the new director of Theological Education with Youth.

Theological Education with Youth (TEY) is a creative initiative of the two Lutheran seminaries who have joined with congregations, youth ministries and synods located primarily in Regions 7 & 8 of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) to amplify the faith and witness of outstanding high school youth.

Deeply impressed by the shape of the seminaries’ youth emphasis, Carriker accepted the appointment, saying “I am honored to be a part of this program” which, he added, “has not only deepened and strengthened the dsiciplieship of the youth who have been a part of it, but has played an incredible role in the life of the Church as a whole.”

Carriker holds a B.A. in History from North Carolina State University, and a Master of Arts in Religion (Church History and Religious Education) from Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, where he also is currently completing a Master of Sacred Theology. His previous experience as Senior Staff Area Director for Camp Lutheridge in Arden, NC, as a Seminary Representative for the 2x2 Program for ELCA Eastern Cluster Seminaries aiding college students in vocational discernment, as a Teaching Assistant at Southern Seminary, and his work with Project Connect of the Eastern Cluster of ELCA Seminaries has helped prepare him for this diverse role directing TEY programs.

“We of the Lutheran Seminaries at Gettysburg and Philadelphia are very excited to have Mr. Chandler Carriker as our new Director for TEY,” said the Rev. Mark W. Olsen, Director of Admissions at Gettysburg Seminary, who led the search process on behalf of both seminaries. “Chandler’s background, education and experience have equipped him with gifts and skills which, when combined with his passion for theology and youth, will enable him to lead TEY into a continued successful and sustainable future.”

Carriker, who will be based at Gettysburg Seminary, officially begins on August 27, 2007 He is also lead guitarist and vocalist for the acoustic Christian rock band “Boywonder.” He is married to Naomi Carriker, a recent graduate of Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary.

TEY is now in its eighth year of offering transforming events with youth in four featured types of programs:
  • one day formation events, the Affirmation of Baptism Festivals, which welcome up to 60 ninth grade youth to the campuses of each seminary yearly.
  • a week-long Crossroads Event for up to 25 rising juniors (those who have just completed their tenth grade year), inviting youth to travel to a variety of places where the gospel intersects with and transforms the world.
  • a two week Summer Theological Academy for up to 20 rising seniors (those who have just completed their eleventh grade year), hosted at an ELCA college. The Summer Theological Academy is an intentional Christian community of worship, high quality theological courses and questioning, vocational conversation, servant learning and arts.
  • one week biblical and theological conversations with high school-age Counselors-in-Training and other youth leaders, held at outdoor ministry centers (church camps) of Regions 7 & 8, ELCA.
The Gettysburg and Philadelphia seminaries were two of 49 seminaries receiving youth initiative grants from the Lilly Endowment totaling $57 million for this purpose.

To learn more about TEY visit their website: or contact TEY coordinator Carrie Schwab, (215) 248-7382,

More information and other news releases are available at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg web site:, by email at, or by calling (717) 334-6286. Contact The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, or 800-286-4616, or 215-248-4616.

information from our colleague John Spangler at LTSG

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