Friday, January 16, 2009

Learn Online - LTSP Spring for Credit Courses still open

Learn from LTSP faculty anywhere you have an Internet connection!

Online for-credit courses allow students at a distance to learn from LTSP's outstanding faculty from anywhere they can connect to the Internet. Non-matriculated and auditing students can also participate in LTSP online courses, see the appropriate information on the LTSP Web site.

Why online learning? Online courses give the learner greater control - courses are designed to allow engagement of the material and interaction with the instructor and other students while accommodating learners' weekly schedules. And with online learning there's no commute, no travel expense. You need a computer and an Internet connection (broadband preferred), and of course the interest in engaging in theological learning.

Course Offerings for Spring 2008 - spring semester begins February 2 - register today!

First Professional

Dr. Philip Krey

HCH301 Creeds and Councils (Online), 1.00 unit, Dr. Philip Krey, President; Ministerium of New York Professor Early Church History

An examination of the early creeds and selected councils through the 15th century, with a focus on their claims upon our present faith and their relevance to the parish ministry. Free elective.

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Advanced Level (Graduate School)

Dr. Karl Krueger

HCH662G Dreams and Defenses: Religion in the Northeast USA, 1.00 unit, Dr. Karl Krueger, Director of the Krauth Memorial Library; Associate Professor, History of Christianity

The course explores the development of the American churchscape north of the Potomac and east of the Mississippi rivers in the twentieth-century. It examines the migration experience to the United States, immigrant spirituality, and the development/transformation of the ethnic parish in Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant Communities. Although the course is text-based, a major objective is the study of immigrant spirituality. By reading significant texts, I hope you will begin to 'experience' religion as it was lived by 'people in the pew,' worshippers who have been traditionally overlooked in presentations of American religious history.

BNT660G - The Letter to the Romans and the New Perspective on Paul online has been canceled for this semester.

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