Monday, January 05, 2009

LTSP student receives preaching award

Rebecca Richie of Weatherly, PA, earns preaching distinction award from Lutheran Seminary

Rebecca Renee Richie of Weatherly, PA, has earned the Atonement Lutheran Church of Asbury Park, New Jersey, Preaching Award from The Lutheran theological Seminary at Philadelphia (LTSP). The honor goes to a senior seminarian who exhibits “exceptional potential” in the field of preaching, along with a strong potential for ministry. You can read more about seminarian Rebecca Richie and the award on the LTSP Web.

Other recent LTSP award recipients include:

Andrew Goodson - Paul J. Hoh/Elizabeth Reed Award
Kate (Cathryn) Proctor - Paul J. Hoh/Elizabeth Reed Award
Joell McDuffy - Joseph Quinton Jackson Award
Rozella H. Poston - Joseph Quinton Jackson Award
Nancy Beckwith - Traci L. Maul Award

LTSP is proud of the academic achievements of our outstanding students, who are fine examples of the seminary's mission of preparing ordained and lay ministers of the Word as leaders for the mission of the Church in the world.

Feeling called to serve as a leader for the mission of the Church in the world? See the seminary Web site - - to learn more.

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