Monday, March 30, 2009

Dean Rajashekar among Lecturers at international Lutheran consultation

The Rev. Dr. J. Paul Rajashekar, Dean and Luther D. Reed Professor, Systematic Theology, at The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia (LTSP), is among the pleanry lecturers at the international consultation "Theology in the Life of Lutheran Churches – Perspectives and Ways of Transforming Churches Today" of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) in Augsburg, Germany. The consultation runs through March 31.

Dean Rajashekar is among 120 theologians from more than 30 countries taking part in the consultation, held under the auspices of the LWF Department for Theology and Studies (DTS). The meeting, held in collaboration with the Institute of Protestant Theology of the University of Augsburg, is the culmination of the DTS study program "Theology in the Life of the Church," which has been ongoing since 2004.

You can read the release about the consultation here.

Downloadable pdf copies of the plenary lectures, including Dean Rajashekar's, can be found on the LWF Web site here.

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