Monday, April 06, 2009

Sacred Texts - Modern Issues: April 26

The spring 2009 Trialogue Event for Christian, Jewish, and Muslim leaders, seminarians, students, and those interested in interfaith learning. Sunday, April 26, 2009, 2 to 7 pm at The Brossman Center at The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. Presenters for the program include Yehezkel Landau, Faculty Associate in Interfaith Relations at Hartford Seminary, Imam Abdullah Antepli, Muslim chaplain at Duke University, and Rob Arner, a PhD student at The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, concentrating his studies in the field of theological ethics..

About the Program

As we look to compare and contrast the Abrahamic faiths, there is much to learn from examining the ways in which representatives of each religious community interprets sacred texts that provide guidance for modern issues. This process helps us with our own stereotypes and distrust involving these traditions, as well as learning more about our own traditions. The 2009 Trialogue focuses on the interpretation process - the exegesis and isogesis in Christianity, "PaRDeS" in the Jewish tradition, tafseer and ijtehad in Islam - used by Jewish, Christian, and Muslim scholars to provide contemporary interpretations based on sacred sources that often were not confronted with the same challenges faced today.

This Year's Theme

This year a presenter and respondent from each faith will focus on the concept of "Just War" as a unifying theme around which to organize their interpretive comments. They will also lead small follow-up discussion groups and field questions. Participants can expect to come away from the program with a broader understanding of each tradition's interpretive methodologies as well as food for thought for future interfaith conversations. A light supper is included.

Learn about the presenters and more on the program, and register online:

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