Saturday, December 05, 2009

A Conversation with the President - December 2009

In the latest A Conversation with the President, The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia's President the Rev. Dr. Philip D.W. Krey talks with the Rev. Dr. Quintin Robertson, Director of the seminary's Urban Theological Institute (UTI). Dr. Robertson joined the seminary staff in July, and talks about his vision for the UTI and UTI's 30th Anniversary in 2010.


Anonymous said...

Excellent. I may consider taking a few classes there. Thank you so much for this presentation. It really adds a new light to the school for me.

Anonymous said...

I recently met Dr. Robertson at the Sanctuary COGIC this Sunday, where his message was thoroughly God-motivated, encouraged and inspired. After listening to the video spot of Conversation with the President of LTSP, I am again so happy to know that Dr. Robertson is in the Philadelphia area serving as a conduit to educating lay persons and others in leadership, as well as those in the clergy in the African-American churches throughout the Greater Philadelphia area.