Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Prof. Kiran Sebastian presents Quodlibet - video

The Rev. Dr. J. Jayakiran Sebastian, H. George Anderson Professor of Mission and Cultures and Director, Multicultural Mission Resource Center at LTSP, was the 2010 distinguished presenter for Quodlibet, where each year a member of the faculty at The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia is presented with "any question whatsoever" and responds in this tradition-based, rigorous academic exercise. Watch his lively presentation:

To download the video podcast, click here, and for the audio mp3 file, click here.


Mark David Johnson said...

Is this available as a podcast? I'd love to watch it (or even just listen to audio) on my iPod, since it's hard to find that much time when I'm not distracted on my laptop.

LTSP Communications and Media said...

You can download the video podcast here:

and the audio here:

Should add these to the player - thanks!