Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New LTSP Scholarship Fund benefits Part Time Students

New scholarship assistance is available for eligible part time students at The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia (LTSP) thanks to a generous gift from the Eby family. Known as the Eby Scholarships, the awards are available to several categories of students:

MDiv, MAR, and MAPL Students: Newly admitted and enrolled part time students in the MDiv, MAR, and MAPL programs are eligible for an Eby Scholarship. Newly admitted students who register for two or more courses will receive a grant of $600.00 for each of the first two semesters of study (for a total of $1200.00).

STM and DMin (Graduate) Students: The Eby Scholarship for Graduate Studies students in the STM and DMin programs are available to any new or current part-time matriculated Graduate student. Student qualification is determined by and through application available in the Graduate School offices. A $200.00 Grant will be awarded for one registered course, and $500.00 for two registered courses.

To learn more about the degree programs at LTSP, go to, or contact the Admissions Office, 215.248.7302 or For more information on Financial Aid, go to or contact Financial Aid Director Elizabeth Brunton, 215.248.6301 or

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