Thursday, October 17, 2013

PS Portions October 2013: A Taste of Seminary Happenings

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PS Portions

A Taste of Seminary Happenings

October 2013

From President Phil Krey
A Life Worth Celebrating... and more

This month the seminary celebrated the life of friend and colleague Lois La Croix, who lost a lengthy battle with cancer in September. Lois was my executive assistant for many of the more than 20 years she served the seminary, and worked with former President Robert Hughes in the same capacity. The seminary held a memorial service October 16 with Dr. Hughes preaching. Lois is continuing to serve the seminary through the Staff Assistance Fund she helped establish. We also introduce you to the Philanthropy Team and their work, celebrate the Urban Theological Institute and the UTI's connections in Philadelphia, and celebrate the legacy of LTSP's O. Fred Nolde. Read more...

Connecting: LTSP's Office for Philanthropy
The LTSP Office for Philanthropy team
LTSP's Office for Philanthropy is not only an important connection to the seminary's graduates and donors - it has a larger role in connecting to current and future students, congregations and the church and community. Learn more about what the Office for Philanthropy does and meet the Philanthropy team...

Stewards of Abundance: Bringing the seminary to the region
Pastors at LTSP planning events in their areas
Thanks to a grant from the ELCA, funded by the Lilly Endowment, LTSP will be reaching out to make the case for theological education, assist in the discernment of prospective students, and raise awareness in congregations of the increasing need to offer scholarship assistance to seminary students. Learn more about Stewards of Abundance and see some of the parish pastors who came to LTSP to plan programs in their areas.
The Rev. Dr. DeForest 'Buster' Soaries challenges the Black Church
Dr. Buster Soaries Preaching
The Rev. Dr. DeForest "Buster" Soaries, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Lincoln Gardens in Somerset, New Jersey, was the lecturer and preacher at the annual lecture and Worship Celebration marking the 33rd anniversary of the founding of the seminary's Urban Theological Institute (UTI). His lecture and sermon both addressed the need for a new black church response to the crisis of reckless personal spending habits he recognized early in his call to First Baptist. Read about the 'Lecture and Sermon, view event pictures and videos from the day.

Nolde 2013 Lecture: The 'heyday' of Protestant Ecumenicals and O. Frederick Nolde
Dr. David Little
Professor and long time peace activist Dr. David Little brought a special message to the audience of the third Nolde Lecture on October 1: a review of the history of the 1940s, 1950s and1960s when the Protestant Evangelical church, including LTSP Professor O. Frederick Nolde, was engaged in movements for world peace and human rights. Dr. Little was joined by student participants in the Nolde Seminar, who reflected on their experiences. Learn more about the lecture and view video and photos from the day.

Professor Erik Heen on the nature of sin in misuse of the Bible
Prof. Erik Heen
"I think it really is pretty easy to misuse the Bible." So begins a point that LTSP's John H. P. Reumann Chair in Biblical Studies, Dr. Erik Heen, made during a wider interview with Professor Heen that will be part of the 150th anniversary website. In this excerpt, Dr. Heen,  a leader in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's Book of Faith initiative, discusses how we, who he reminds the reader, are "not 80 per cent sinful, not 75 per cent sinful or two per cent sinful. We are 100 per cent sinful..." engage with the Bible. Read the interview here...

LTSP alumna Ruth Miller recalls her 20+ year journey to an MAR
Ruth Miller
She took her first course in Old Testament with Professor Robert Bornemann in 1977 “because my pastor told me to come to seminary,” and that course started Ruth Miller (MAR 2008) on a decades long path that saw her serving the church in a number of ways - and eventually leading to commencement!  Read about her story of study and service here...
Dr. Timothy Wengert's Final Public Lecture 
Tuesday, November 19, 2013 
"The Final Word: Martin Luther's Freedom of a Christian for Today's Church"
Gifted to Grow
LTSP Vice President for Mission Advancement the Rev. Louise Johnson was one of the keynoter's at the Rocky Mountain Synod "Gifted to Grow" event. Learn more...

Save the date! Thursday, October 16, 2014! Celebrate the 150th anniversary of LTSP!

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