Tuesday, September 02, 2014

PS Portions - the Back to School 2014 Issue

PS Portions Back to School

From the President: The First Day of School

LTSP President David Lose
I've always loved the first day of school. The excitement of seeing old friends and meeting new ones. The mystery of entering into a new classroom and having a new teacher. The sheer "newness" of back-to-school clothes, fresh textbooks, and crisp, clean pieces of paper just waiting to be written on. I think that's what I loved best about the first day of school - it represented a new year filled with unlimited possibilities.In this issue you'll find other things new. You'll read about two of the first students in the MDiv Co-operative Model Program, about the new "Lutheran Confessions 2015," about a recent graduate in a new adventure in ministry, and the events which started this new - 150th Anniversary - year. Read more from President Lose...

The MDiv Co-operative Model - Two different paths to a different way to prepare for ministry

Jeanette and Diogenes
Jeanette Surita-Vazquetelles, a new Philadelphia Seminary (LTSP) MDiv Co-op student, and her husband, Diogenes, keep bumping into people who change their lives. Jeanette, a fashion designer from the Bronx, New York, first felt a call to ministry during first communion classes in a Roman Catholic parish. "It was a poor neighborhood, and the nuns were very strict, but I enjoyed the curriculum because it was all about Jesus. I wanted to become a nun and show others all about the love of Jesus, but my family told me I was too young to become a nun." Today, both are at LTSP, called via "coincidences..."

Seminarian Alex ZuberAlex Zuber, a new Philadelphia Seminary (LTSP) Master of Divinity - Co-operative Model (Co-op) student, once thought he wanted to become a physician. A resident of Roanoke, Virginia, Zuber was majoring in public health education at James Madison University, intent on specializing in pediatric cardiology. "It didn't take long for me to figure out I wasn't cut out to be a doctor," Zuber explained. "I began to discover that relating to patients would be the best part, rather than the actual practice of medicine." Now, Alex is looking forward to Urban/Rural Settings...

A year in Hungary with Young Adults in Global Mission

YAGM Group to Hungary
LTSP alumnus Dan Purtell (MAPL 2014) set out in August for a year of learning and service as part of the Young Adults in Global Mission Program of the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America). He was deployed to Hungary for the year long mission experience, and will return to the United States in July 2015. He is sharing his year in ministry and adventure through a just-started blog. Read more about Dan's story...

Team-teaching the Lutheran Confessions

Professors Krueger. Luther and Rivera
The idea first surfaced at an area meeting of the faculty last fall. Under consideration was the strategy for teaching the Lutheran Confessions in the spring semester of 2015 following the retirement of Dr. Timothy J. Wengert, a renowned teacher of the Confessions at Philadelphia Seminary (LTSP). Dr. Karl Krueger, director of the Krauth Memorial Library and Professor of the History of Christianity at the LTSP, turned to Dr. Nelson Rivera, an associate professor of Systematic Theology, and said, "Why don't we try teaching the course together? I'll do the part on Reformation History and you can lead the class in theological discussions." The idea clicked. The team-teaching approach at the seminary is anything but novel, but to hear the two professors talk, the class promises to be distinctive. Read more about Lutheran Confessions 2015...

Inspirational messages mark opening of the 150th Academic Year

President David Lose
The opening week of the seminary's 150th anniversary year featured an inspirational sermon August 25 on the importance of "community" and a welcome and sermon with a leadership focus from the school's new president, the Rev. Dr. David J. Lose. A historical highlight was the August 25 opening convocation depiction of the seminary's early history by the Rev. Dr. Karl Krueger, Professor of the History of Christianity and Director of the Krauth Memorial Library. "What has made this seminary work through history is that it is made up of a collection of individuals with a common goal," said the Rev. Dr. Katie Day in her message, part of the opening day Service of the Word in the Schaeffer-Ashmead Memorial Chapel. Learn more, watch videos and view a slide show of the week's activities...